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Maintenance project learning
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1. Cause analysis of water leakage

2. High pressure pipe of grouting machine

3. The phenomenon and cause of water seepage in external wall

4. Maintenance and storage of artery high pressure tube of high pressure grouting machine

5. Cause analysis of water seepage in the pool (waterproof and leakage repair should be carried out at the same time)

6. The butter head of grouting machine

7. Fitter is not equal to waterproof

8. Maintenance and care of butter

9. Who does the waterproof works?

10. Maintenance of placing barrel

11. Waterproof and leakage repair is directly related to building life

12. Maintenance of high pressure grouting machine

13. The important position of waterproof in Decoration Engineering

14. Calculation method for drilling depth of high pressure grouting

15. Waterproof and leakage repair is the most important work before decoration

16. Embedding and fixing method of grouting needle

17. The importance of waterproof review before decoration

18. Finished product protection of pressure grouting construction

19. Waterproofing sequence

20. Repair materials and technology of grouting hole

21. Waterproof and leak repair first and then

22. Treatment method of wall facing layer

23. The relationship between waterproof and leakage repair

24. Operation procedures for grouting construction

25. Re discussion on waterproof and leakage repair

26. Protection of grouting site

27. Waterproofing worker nurse mender doctor


29. Overview of the whole process of roof waterproof and leakage repair construction

30. Safe use of pressure grouting materials

31. Self test the cause of water leakage in toilet

32. Types of common chemical grouting materials

33. Project overview of waterproof and leakage repairing construction scheme

34. Types and properties of grouting materials

35. One of the theories of waterproof and leak repairing

36. Inspection and storage standards of chemical grouting materials

37. Theory of water proofing and mending

38. Application scope of pressure grouting method

39. Theory of water proofing and mending

40. Advantages of pressure grouting method

41. Theory of water proofing and mending

42. Types of pressure grouting used for waterproofing, leak repair and building reinforcement

43. Theory of water proofing and mending

44. Pressure grouting method in waterproof and leakage repairing and building reinforcement engineering

45. Wonderful use of high pressure grouting machine

46. Common sense of water proofing, leakage repairing and building reinforcement

47. Grouting machine = scalpel

48. The disadvantages of the conventional method of waterproof and mending the leakage of external wall

49. Further discussion on grouting leakage repair

50. Technical guidance and planning of special treatment scheme for wall waterproof and leakage repair

51. Popularize high pressure grouting technology

52. Waterproof and mending methods for leakage of concrete construction joints

53. Operation instructions of high pressure grouting machine

54. Key process of anti-seepage and anti-corrosion engineering grouting and plugging

55. Diagram of high pressure grouting construction

56. Introduction to portal mobile scaffold

57. Grouting leakage diagram

58. Introduction to portable ladder

59. Grouting theory

60. Work at height in waterproof and leakage repair works

61. Plugging method without removing the ground

62. Construction quality inspection method of pressure grouting

63. Structure and working principle of grouting machine

64. Characteristics of oil-based polyurethane grouting fluid

65. Power source of grouting machine

66. The market of grouting machine is mixed

67. Booster pump of grouting machine

68. Operation mode of external wall cleaning

69. Maintenance of pressure pump

70. Seven advantages of building film

71. Pressure display of high pressure grouting machine - pressure gauge