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About Us

Shenzhen zhongshenglong decoration waterproof Co., Ltd. is a professional building waterproof and leak repairing company in Guangdong Province. It takes the cracking, leakage, sinking and inclining of buildings as the main direction of waterproofing and leakage repairing. It is a leading enterprise in the building waterproofing and repairing industry in Guangdong Province, and has become one of the enterprises with high level in dealing with various difficult problems in the construction industry in China.

Zhongshenglong decoration and waterproofing specialty provides roof waterproofing, pool waterproofing, pipe orifice waterproofing, expansion joint waterproofing, crack waterproofing, windowsill waterproofing, zinc iron tile iron house building waterproofing, exterior wall cleaning waterproofing, exterior wall glass cleaning, exterior wall renovation, parapet waterproofing, grouting reinforcement, elevator shaft waterproofing, high difficulty basement overall waterproofing, subway tunnel waterproofing, waterproofing and patching The main works include dam leakage repair and reinforcement, leakage treatment of external window cover of external wall, etc. With the super high-rise, high difficulty building exterior wall cleaning, coating renovation project as the strong point, undertake all kinds of high-rise building exterior wall cleaning, external wall painting, external wall anti-seepage and other high-altitude work projects. The company's existing staff have rich practical experience and professional skills, and can skillfully master the operation of various construction tools and understand the construction points of various materials, and can complete all the high difficulty waterproof and leakage repair projects. The company carries out construction site survey, declaration of construction price and formulation of construction technical scheme free of charge.

The company undertakes the village committee Garden Villa factory building waterproof maintenance, collaborative management of waterproof leak

The company has the national professional contract construction qualification, has a number of experienced professional construction team. It has undertaken a number of national key project construction tasks, such as Shenzhen Metro Line 3, University City subway test section, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen new gymnasium and other engineering projects. The engineering quality has been widely praised by all walks of life.. Zhongshenglong company comprehensively uses advanced waterproof and reinforcing materials at home and abroad, undertakes waterproof and leakage stoppage works of basement, roof, pool, expansion and contraction of buildings, ground moisture-proof and chemical grouting reinforcement engineering of honeycomb and cracks of concrete beams, columns and slabs, and undertakes the design and construction of integral waterproof engineering of new and old buildings.