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Method and construction technology of waterproof and plugging
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Back water back pressure plugging method includes grouting method and caulking method. First, cut a week at the junction of the tunnel and the cement, chisel the cement into a 3.5 * 4.5 U-shaped joint and each leakage joint in the plane water leakage area into a U-shape. Clean the surface of the leakage layer, and then use the quick setting water stop material to carry out the pipe burying, pumping, water diversion and flow reduction. The groove should not be filled at one time, so as to leave room for caulking. A bamboo joint (grouting nozzle) should be set at a certain distance )After the quick setting material reaches a certain strength, elastic plugging slurry may be poured through the bamboo back pressure until the deformation joint is no longer out of water, and then the surface layer is embedded and compacted with castable on the concave handle of deformation joint of water stop. The long-term waterproof and plugging technology combining material waterproofing with structural waterproofing is adopted. 1. Chisel the joints according to the quantities specified by Party A. 2. Clean the water leakage part and chisel the water leakage joint into a U-shaped joint. 3. Milling the water leakage joint, embedding the bamboo joint, cleaning the water leakage joint, filling the plugging material, and installing the extraction pipe and the bamboo joint (grouting nozzle). 4. Diversion, decompression, reduction of water flow, control of water leakage point, change large flow into small flow, and make small water flow out of the installed diversion pipe. 5. Ingredients: mix several reagents into two groups of mixed slurry, and determine the setting time of ingredients according to the size of water leakage. ⒍ back pressure grouting: the pressure of grouting must be greater than the pressure of water leakage, so as to push the water back and penetrate into the hairy joints of the leaking rock, expand and set quickly when encountering water, so as to achieve the effect of long-term deep water stop. ⒎⒎、⒎、⒎、⒎、⒎、⒎、⒎、⒎、⒎、⒎⒎、⒎. 8. After surface treatment, after self inspection, there is no leakage, and then the surface is covered with slurry.