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Leakage of windows, beams and external walls in Shenzhen
Because of the extrusion between the buildings themselves, many cracks, sand holes and holes appear on the walls. The rainwater penetrates into the walls along these cracks, and the rainwater washes to the outer walls, and the inner walls of the buildings appear water leakage traces.

Crack and leakage diagram of curtain wall sealant strip

Influence of environmental factors on structural adhesive aging

1. In the practical application of curtain wall, it is inevitable to be affected by the surrounding environmental factors. For example: rainwater, ultraviolet radiation, high temperature, make it appear discoloration, blister, crack and even embrittlement, cracking, debonding and other phenomena in the application process, and reduce the service life, which seriously affects the safety of curtain wall engineering.

2. The sizing is not dense, the amount of glue used at the interface is not well controlled during the glue collection, and the glue thickness is too thin, because the aging of the weather resistant adhesive develops from the surface to the deep layer, and if the depth of the weather resistant adhesive is not enough, the cracking and leakage will occur prematurely. If the screw hole sealing glue is not tight, missing, etc., it will form a water seepage channel.