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Solution to leakage of toilet in Shenzhen
The toilet is the place where water leaks most easily. In the case of long-term use of toilet floor and internal water pipes, domestic water will leak to the structural surface of the toilet sedimentation tank, which can not be discharged in time, and will be deposited in the sedimentation tank after the sedimentation tank is full. It is easy for water to seep down the floor along the cracks, the pipe wall of water pipes, and under the wall root and threshold stone to penetrate the living room. The water will overflow everywhere along the cement mortar layer under the floor tiles. If only rely on the floor drain drainage of the tile surface of the toilet, the internal water seepage problem can not be solved. If the waterproof of the toilet is not done well, it will appear Water leakage is not only time-consuming but also costly.

Structural drawing of toilet waterproof

The toilet adopts the waterproof form of anti drainage combination

The toilet sink can be understood as a water storage space inside the toilet. The toilet is made of waterproof layer and drainage layer, so that the domestic water seeps into the sedimentation tank through the toilet floor decoration layer, and is directly discharged through the floor drain outlet of the waterproof drainage layer. The combination of prevention and drainage does not accumulate water, thus eliminating the hidden danger of leakage.

Waterproof characteristics of kitchen, bathroom and balcony

1. The bottom of sedimentation tank is easy to accumulate water due to moisture.

2. There are many root nodes and various interfaces.

3. The waterproof treatment of special parts such as internal and external corners, irregular base surface and dead corner is difficult.

The principle of selecting waterproof materials for kitchen, bathroom and balcony

1. It is difficult to maintain the waterproof layer in the kitchen, bathroom and balcony in the later stage, and the cost is high. It is necessary to turn over the structural layers and restore the waterproof again after the waterproof is done again. The maintenance cost is 5-10 times of the initial investment. The waterproof layer has only one chance. The waterproof layer is required to be firmly and reliably bonded with a sealing layer;

2. Flexible material, crack with soft.

3. It has a good matching sealing material, which can effectively seal multiple interfaces such as plastic, steel bar, concrete, pipe root, internal and external corners and other structures.

4. The construction can be carried out under damp and humid conditions

5. Waterproofing is a system engineering, which is closely combined with engineering management and material engineering. Ignoring any link will cause waterproofing failure. Therefore, we should coordinate the process of design, material selection, construction and maintenance, control the design from the source, select waterproof materials according to the basic principles of waterproofing, select professional waterproof construction units, and carry out meticulous construction and management.

Detailed drawing of toilet anti drainage structure

Caisson toilet, namely sinking toilet, refers to that when the main body is constructed, the structural layer of the toilet is partially or wholly sunk to a certain height (generally 35cm-40cm away from the corresponding floor), so that the horizontal drainage pipe of the toilet is buried in it, and then the lightweight material is used for backfilling or the prefabricated slab is overhead. The structural surface of caisson only needs to be combined with waterproof and drainage at the bottom. Make the toilet water leakage flow into the caisson, and then drain it from the caisson drain to keep the toilet free of water. Toilet wall waterproof to achieve 2.4 meters, not only to waterproof, but also to cut off moisture. Most families will make a wardrobe on the other side of the bathroom wall. Waterproof can prevent moisture from entering the closet through the wall, which can prevent the wardrobe from getting damp and moldy. Need to do waterproof position, besides toilet, still have kitchen and balcony.