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Waterproofing and reinforcement of Shenzhen expansion joint
The causes of common leakage of expansion joint are as follows

1. The waterproof design is not considered properly: the waterproof design of expansion joint is too simple to meet the expansion requirements. Selection of waterproof and sealing materials: waterproof sealing material is originally a common type of sealing paste. It has low ageing resistance and low expansion property, resulting in aging and cracking of water proof layer. The end of waterproof layer is exposed to high temperature for a long time, and it is easy to aging due to thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature difference and peeling and cracking of base surface. So most roof leaks are particularly prominent.

2. The waterproof design of expansion joint is too simple to meet the expansion requirements. Under the action of wind pressure, rainwater washes at the damaged end of the waterproof layer, and pours into the waterproof layer and seeps into the lower space.

3. The rainwater seeps into the waterproof layer from the ground cracks or separation joints of the thermal insulation layer, which is filled with water for a long time. The water invades from the overlapping edge of the waterproof layer and the weak part of the pipe root or node. Due to the defects of the layer subcontracting after the waterproof layer is completed, the waterproof layer will inevitably be damaged during the construction process. The water will seep into the waterproof layer through the cracks and damages to form a long-term water accumulation inside the waterproof layer Small leakage of expansion joint in rainy days and large leakage after sunny day.

Characteristics of waterproof reinforcement scheme for expansion joint

The construction scheme of waterproof reinforcement for expansion joint is based on the waterproof materials matching with the construction environment and the defects of the structural layer of the expansion joint. The cracks and cavities at the root corner of the vertical wall of the expansion joint and the base surface of the floor are reinforced with the plugging agent. The steel leakage stoppage layer is made into an arc angle, and the non curing rubber waterproof layer and the base surface of the floor and vertical wall are painted. The chemical reaction is coordinated, and the steel flexible waterproof is formed through physical adsorption, so as to eliminate the stress caused by the change of the vertical wall and the base of the expansion joint, so as to make the creep type non curing rubber The waterproof layer has enough tensile crack strength and can effectively resist the damage of external stress.