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Shenzhen color steel tile roof and gutter waterproofing
Common leakage parts of steel structure colored steel tile roof and gutter

1. Due to the influence of external temperature on the cracks, the thermal expansion, cold contraction and expansion ductility of the gutter lead to uncoordinated stress cracking and leakage.

2. The leakage of steel structure color steel roof is serious due to installation construction, roof elastic deformation and roof vibration. The leakage of steel structure roof is mainly concentrated in vertical and horizontal lap joint of metal color steel tile roof, ridge, lighting tile, fan base, chimney pipe, roof screws, gutter, parapet joint, etc.

Structural drawing of steel structure color steel tile and gutter waterproof

Waterproof characteristics of steel structure color steel tile and gutter

1. Large span, easy to crack and deform.

2. There are many equipments in the workshop, and the waterproof requirements are high.

3. The phenomenon of water leakage caused by elastic deformation of steel structure roof and vibration of color steel roof is more serious, especially in South China.

Principle of material selection for roof and gutter waterproofing of steel structure

1, the waterproof layer should match with the change characteristics of the steel roof. We must select materials with strong bonding strength, high elongation, high and low temperature resistance, solar radiation resistance, water resistance, air tightness and good weathering resistance.

2. The steel roof waterproof system has the advantages of light weight, good waterproof and thermal insulation performance, easy maintenance and long service life. In the steel structure roof, the problems of water leakage, condensation of cold bridge and multi curved surface structure of traditional roof system can be completely solved.